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They look great in your home and our Pods become a ‘nest’ which is supportive & 
calming.  Pods4Pets are comfortable, spacious and stylish enough that you'll want
to lay on it too!

The covers are elasticised for easy washing; Pet Hair doesn’t stick to the covers!
Which means they don’t stay smelly and covered in hair like most other pet beds.
3 part construction means they’re easy to clean. Just brush or vacuum, separate the
parts and wash the part you want to.

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The Bone a Fide all chemical free dog shampoos are all 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner plus we have a balm based on hemp oil for when the dog or cat has a problem also we have silicone gloves to pick up the loose hair of the dog and cat and then can be used to bath plus also get the loose hair of you and the furniture.


To order, please call us and we'll deliver to you!

CALL Marg on 0402 859 308

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